All used up

I let people use me all the time. Honestly it’s kind of hard to say no. I want friends and family so I continue to let people take advantage of what I have or can do for them. I probably would be better off being a total bitch to people all of the time. But truth be told I can’t do it.  Whenever I have money and someone wants it . I can’t seem to say no. It’s like I buy people’s love and affection til I have nothing left to give. Then when I have nothing to give. They want nothing to do with me and I wonder why. Truth is, I know people use me and I let it happen. Because in that moment I have someone there. And having someone there makes life alittle less painful. So I continue to buy love and affection just to make life bearable. I know I should stop. Maybe one day I’ll learn my lesson and learn that I don’t need someone there to make me happy. Or maybe I won’t. Only time will tell


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