Family Ties

This really has nothing to do with me. But I need to get my thoughts out. Im losing it. My family is so incredibly dysfunctional. A little back story, I have two uncles, one aunt and four cousins. My aunt is a heroin addict who had sex with both of my uncles having children with both. Three with one uncle, one with the other. My oldest cousin is a drop out working two dead end jobs. The one that is my age is selling meth and doing crack and in and out of jail. The younger is selling and doing meth, he has a severe drinking problem and depression. The youngest is doing well for herself. She just drinks and smokes weed at the age of 13 but other than that….

But today we are going to be talking about the the younger one, the one selling and doing meth. He has depression and he always covers it with alcohol and drugs. He hides his pain. Much like how I used to until I found somewhat better ways. He went missing yesterday, like many times he has before. Im just scared, overtime he goes missing I fear I will never see him again. That they will find him dead, overdosed or dead with alcohol poisoning. This fear is real and its scary. It hurts me. Im already an anxious person. I can’t handle this. It makes me want to do bad things. I love my family, I just wish they’d consider other peoples feelings as well. Ill update if i found out where he is.


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